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NEW Premium Mentor Service Launched

Learn photography from a professional - tailored to you

Premium Photography Mentor Service

It's been a couple of years since I launched the on-line mentoring service and it's been a great success and supported the development and progression of many photographers.  However, I recognise that generic assignments issued to everyone each month does not allow for individuals preferences to a genre or indeed to their own specific training needs.

Following on from some on-going discussions with a few students over the past few months I have listened to the need for a more bespoke version of being mentored.  The new "Premium" photography mentor programme will be designed around your own ability and aspirations.

Whilst a common framework and process will be used,  the assignments set, advice given, feedback and next steps will be based 100% on your work, competency and targets.

An individual photography training service to help you realise your potential starting at your level.

Everyone is unique in their outlook, ambition, interest and of course level of capability and importantly confidence.  

Whilst my photography courses provide the generic foundations for beginners and intermediates, and my workshops provide the opportunity to turn theory into practise with me on-hand to assist and guide they still leave long periods of time where you are unassisted and left alone to put the hours of practise in and improve alone.  Those periods are often when photographers loose confidence and sometimes direction without the input and constructive feedback from a professional on a regular basis.

Setting some targets

We all want something different as an outcome from our photography - but whatever that outcome we all share the common desire to be competent in what we do and naturally enjoy the process of doing it - so what separates one person from another?

I have previously written about the "Commitment" Vs "Capability" curve in my blog post "A Journey".  The capability can only improve when our commitment to learning increases and is sustained.  This new service is targeted at those who want to realise their potential and are prepared to commit to that journey of transformation.  The recent series of case studies underlines the importance and benefits of continual photography tuition.

It starts with the basics - your work to date will be assessed against a wide range of competencies and aesthetics so you have a good understanding on where your craft needs to develop and refine and I have roadmap on how to support and tutor you.  We will also review the "influencers" on your work, the artists you admire and photos you adore and love.

From this initial assessment we can agree an individual plan of targets, assignments and further development for you so that each time we consult we can discuss the progress and further work to be undertaken.

How is this different to what I currently offer?

In some ways it's not actually different as the elements of mentoring, courses, workshops, 1-2-1 private tuition, and image feedback are all available on their own already - however this service will be about your individual progression against a framework designed around your needs and ambitions and tracked over a year so that results and progression are more transparent to you.  This is A FRAMEWORK FOR EVALUATING THE QUALITY & PROGRESSION OF YOU AS A PHOTOGRAPHER - It will highlight the areas needing more work and challenge you to realise your full potential as a photographer for whatever outcome you want.

This service is unique because it provides you an individual training plan that is reviewed every 6-8 weeks and you get 1-2-1 time included to assess and set each new task/assignment to help you progress against some pre-defined targets.

Exclusive benefits for you

As this is a premium service you will also get some exclusive benefits by being on the programme.

  • Receive a 10% discount on any event to support your development & progression (not applicable to discounted events or those on pick n mix programme)
  • Receive 8  x Photography Pocket Guides covering Alan's top photography tips on a whole range of topics and skills - value £50
  • Free - 12 month email and phone support service - value £100
  • Receive exclusive links/mails on relative articles and posts of "artistic" reading

Next Steps

  1. Read more about the new service Premium Photography Mentor Service 
  2. Phone me to ask questions, discuss and decide if this is for you
  3. Once you have decided to enrol - book on-line and we will book a date for the initial review session and I'll send you instructions for the first steps.