NEW Photography Course

NEW Photography Course
Alan Ranger Photography(44)

Vision & Style

The "Developing Vision & Style" photography course is the latest in my offerings for students who wish to go beyond the stage of proficient photos on a consistent basis and are progressing their photographic journey into "Art" photos with individual expression.

Suitable for "intermediate" level photographers, you are expected to already have a good understanding and regularly produce good technical and proficiently composed images.

You will work as a small group of artists with Alan at his home to:


  • Create a portfolio of images
  • Present your work through images to music
  • Option to speak on a ticket only event
  • Special VIP Guest Speaker
  • Option to sell images 
  • Develop your personal style & vision

This course differs from the Intermediates course in that this is not just focused on producing images that result in an exhibition.

You will take on a photographic project for six months, developing a theme and your unique vision and style in a portfolio of images.

  • Aiming for approx 50 images you will culminate the results into a portfolio of work that is representative of your photographic journey to date.
  • Your portfolio could be output as an audio visual on presentation night.
  • You have the option to present your portfolio to an exclusive audience in a 20 min presentation where you can present your vision, challenges and ideas amongst a friendly group.
  • Images may also be printed and framed for sale in an ongoing exhibition.
  • Design a photographic project - themed or a cross section of techniques and styles
  • Learn how to present your portfolio with music and the option to speak about your journey to date.
  • Bring pieces of work back to the class for input on processing and professional edits
  • Learn to perfect new techniques and improve on existing knowledge.
  • Work as a group to organise and market the presentation event.  Arranging venue & other logistics.

Alan will work with each person in class and off-line to ensure that each piece of work is fully realised and embodies the artist emotional connection to the subject.  Working at each stage of the photographic process.

See - Alan will help you transform what you see into a photograph with a clear narrative, embodying the emotional charge of the moment.

Design – learn how to compose images that will reflect your original intention in the mind of the viewer.

Shoot – be guided through the extensive camera settings and techniques needed to capture moments that show your true intentions.

Enhance – work with Alan to enhance your photos in post-processing, adding impact to your pictures without losing the essence of the photograph.

Share – Create a portfolio of work of approx 50 images over six months.

Dates for the course are provisional until enough interest has been registered but we hoping to start in Oct and end in May 2016.  For more details please visit the event page and email me to confirm your interest.