Movement Assignment

Movement Assignment
Alan Ranger Photography(44)

Movement is such a broad subject and as humans we often don’t recognise just how restrictive our eyes can be in this dimension. As we know the eyes operate at approx. 1/30-1/60 of a second and therefore we can only see things sharply within a narrow band of time.  However the camera can be used to freeze action at a millisecond moment of time or condense longer periods of time into a single frozen frame.  These are not our only two choices to consider when making an image and we can also move the camera intentionally or even just zoom the lens to show movement or suggest it.

Interestingly it's important to ensure that when we freeze action we can still decipher that the object/subject was moving without necessarily being able to rely on our memory and experience to complete the photo.  

There were a wide range of images submitted this month covering freezing action, camera movement, radial zoom and time lapse - I enjoyed seeing the variety of subjects used that participants chose and the attempts to make an image compelling and say something about the what and why.  Thanks for the submissions.

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Shuna Frood - taken on an iPhone

Howard Allen

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Jean Dance

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