Macro doesn't have to mean shallow DOF

Macro doesn't have to mean shallow DOF
Alan Ranger Photography(44)

I remember the day my macro lens arrived.  Like many, I didn't shoot with anything other than aperture F2.8 such was the pleasure that the ultra thin depth of field i got from it gave me.

These days I am happy to use the macro lens in a wider variety of subjects and various depth of fields to capture the details and focus throughout the image I want.

One quick tip I can provide is to experiment with aperture numbers (f stops) when using your macro lens to ensure that the subject is all, or as much you want, is in the field of focus.  You may need to use very small apertures like F16 if you want to ensure everything is tack sharp.

If you want to find out furthers tips and the secrets of good macro photography then join me on one of my macro workshops.