Lovely Photographic Start to the New Year 2018

Lovely Photographic Start to the New Year 2018
Alan Ranger Photography(44)

It feels like it's been a long festive break, despite the fact that I was actually really busy working right up to and on Christmas Day with shooting the Crisis Skylight Coventry Christmas Day for the homeless with Laura Byrne.   That was a humbling experience but very enjoyable to do something so worthwhile that was appreciated by the recipients.

Since then, 14 days, I fell into a lull of family duties and actually just feeling mentally exhausted after such a busy last quarter of 2017.  I didn't even find the energy to write my usual new year's blog.  It wasn't so much a case of not knowing what to write, trust me I can talk/ramble for England.  When it came to that week I just didn't feel inclined to write anything.  I did post a fun year in photos image as part of my Facebook Forum Group Challenge, and had intended to do a different version but didn't get round to it.

2017 - A Year in photos by Alan Ranger

The first week of Jan has been unusually odd with most people seemingly taking extended holidays and not returning to work until the 8th Jan.  I am guessing that this is due to the late start by many schools this year.  Not sure why kids have 3 weeks off for Christmas, seems a bit mad to me and certainly drives parents mad with childcare and entertaining kids for 3 weeks at a time of the year when the days are very short and often difficult to get out.

However, this has given me time to break myself back into work this week gently and do some behind the scenes jobs that will hopefully help build on the success of 2017.  If you haven't responded to my request for customer feedback yet, please do, it makes a big difference to search engine rankings and importantly means I can adapt and reflect on the products and services I provide to you.  

Leave feedback on one or, if you can, both of these links.

So, today was the first formal event of 2018.  I had seen that today was forecast for a heavy frost and sub-zero temperatures so managed to post an event and get five people booked up with fours days notice.  Thanks to those of you who attended, it was a pleasure to get out with you this morning and shake off the rust and enjoy a cold morning together around the nature reserve at Brandon Marsh in Coventry.

Whilst the workshop has no specific theme in terms of what or how to shoot.  The group seemed willing to listen to my suggestions regarding close-up, macro and abstract interpretations.  Everyone applied their efforts to the tasks set and produced an array of good images that I reviewed on their camera's.

For my part, I snapped a few along the way and even took a rare bird on a stick shot.  Not my usual subject matter as many of you know but this little Robin was so tame, brave and actually cheeky he deserved and Alan Ranger portrait shot.  At one point he was eating out of the hands of one of the attendees.

Cheeky Robin

Other than this little distraction we did work on sketching aspects of frozen decaying fauna and practise the odd intentional camera movement shot with vertical panning.

Vertical Pan on reflections

vertical panning

Frozen Ferns

Lovely contrast between frozen cold tones and warm sunlight grasses

A lovely start to 2018 and the perfect tonic before a busy week ahead of evening classes nearly every night for the next five weeks.  I hope you all had a good festive rest and are looking forward to getting out with your camera and enjoying whatever opportunities present themselves.

Happy New Year to you all