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I post blogs on a weekly basis covering photography tips and related news as well as photos made by my clients (read client feedback) on my photography workshops and photography courses.

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Learn how to use Lightroom

Learn how to set-up and use Lightroom to edit images

Editing photos is a necessary part of the photography workflow and can make the difference between an ordinary looking shot and a great looking shot.

Take a look at this example of a photo that student, Aled, brought to me recently for review.  

The transformation between before and after took just 10 seconds using Adobe Lightroom.

I am sure you’ll agree with Aled who said, “I can’t believe how much better it looks and how quickly you transformed it!”

Lightroom Course – 4 weekly evening classes,

19th Sep to 3rd Oct 7pm – 9:45pm – Solihull £250 

  • Mondays-  Sep 19th, 26th, Oct 3rd & 10th
  • Max 8 Places
  • Suitable for any level
  • Laptop required
  • Basic computer literacy required (Navigation, copying, saving and usual standard commands)

Lightroom Course details

  • Use Adobe Lightroom on a laptop computer
  • Learn how to organise, catalogue, keyword and rate your photos
  • Learn how to implement an efficient workflow to photo management and editing
  • Learn what the Lightroom modules do and how to configure them
  • Learn what the various editing options are and how to use them to create the best results
  • Learn how to keep your original intention intact so photo editing remains the polish rather than surgery on your photos
  • Learn when and how to use special affects plug-ins to give a professional finish to your photos.
  • Learn how to create a slideshow, print and publish your photos on-line

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