Landscapes Mentoring Assignment

Landscapes Mentoring Assignment
Alan Ranger Photography(44)

Despite my obvious association with Landscape Photography this was the first time a landscape specific assignment had been issued to those on the Monthly Mentoring Programme.

Landscapes are not just about those classic big vista's of rolling hills, mountains, lakes and moody skies - though they always have an appeal - they are sometimes about the inner landscape, shapes, patterns, textures, light and so on and are often overlooked or simply just not seen.  The challenge for those on this assignment was to make an image that communicated their individual interpretation of these wide open spaces, be it in the countryside or in urban areas.

The mix of shots I received was varied and shows how each of us has a different appreciation of the outside world.  The selection of the images below portrays a more conventional classic style of landscape but doesn't diminish from the joy of what students  saw, experienced and decided to make an image out of.  Well done to all those who participated, as always its a great pleasure to be part of your development and support you on your individual journeys to becoming better photographers.

Matthew Battison

Howard Allen

Rachel Carrell - Taken with a Smartphone

Con McHugh

Kirsten Pearce

Sue Keating

Philippa Thurgar


If you are interested in joining in the monthly photographic assignments please sign up to the photography mentoring programme.  You can start and stop whenever you want and at just £20 for a month it's a great way to develop your photography skills with my support and input without having to attend a class or location to receive instruction and advice.

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