Kicking off 2017...

Kicking off 2017...
Alan Ranger Photography(44)

This week...

It's been a busy first week of the new year.  Unlike most of you folks I didn't return to commuting and an office environment, instead i managed to get out a couple of times to shoot and run a private tuition session for a lovely chap rediscovering his enthusiasm for photography again with a new digital camera after being in the wilderness for years with a film camera.

Whilst I did have some desktime it was not to onerous and was mainly focused on the many classes and courses coming up in the next few weeks as well as progressing some new plans for regular (monthly) workshops at Batsford Arboretum and another local Warwickshire outdoor photography venue (more details of those to follow in due course).

5 blokes go back to basics in the woods

The week ended with two back to back sunrise workshops.  The first one on Saturday a free event organised through my Facebook Forum and led by member, and friend, on there, Andrew.  The workshop was held at local woodlands, Hays Woods, near Lapworth and we were blessed with some wonderful early morning mizzle and fog making it very atmospheric.  The members led workshop was set-up to introduce members to film photography and the use of medium format.  So armed with two Bronica 645 cameras and array of other historic contraptions that Andrew brought along the group went in search of subject matter.  

Anyway, I won't bore you with the details of 5 blokes in a foggy damp woods discussing and playing with manual metering, focusing and back-to-front composition, i'll just say that there was plenty of laughter and a lot of fun for those involved.

These images were taken on digital but similar was taken on film so we will await those results in due course with baited breath.

Hay Woods, Lapworth

Hay Woods, Lapwoth

Fog is phenomenal

The second workshop was at Brandon Marsh, one of my 2.5hr photography workshops open to any level.  For the second morning running we were blessed with lovely thick fog so we felt under some time pressure to get around and enjoy as many subjects as time would allow before it lifted as the sun started to burn it all away.

Personally I love these sort of conditions, they transform the landscape and give us a unique canvas of subjects as contrasts change and we are able to make use of that dense whitish backdrop and contrasting subjects against a receding, diffused and atmospheric backdrop.

Brandon Marsh Nature Reserve

Brandon Marsh Nature Reserve

Brandon Marsh Nature Reserve

Brandon Marsh Nature Reserve

Next week...

So all in all a good first week to  2017.  As for the coming week it's a busy one again with three evening classes scheduled for my Intermediates Course, Creative Composition Masterclass and Beginners Class, in addition I will be making a trip south to meet the lovely folks at Linhof to sort out a date for an open day and workshop with them in 2017.

I have also checked the weather forecast for the end of the week and have thrown in additional 2.5hr event for Friday morning.  It's forecast to be minus 6 this Friday morning in Warwickshire and there is also the "threat" / "opportunity" of snow.  Given that exciting prospect I want to be ready to seize the moment.  The location can be flexible, so maybe Brandon Marsh but equally happy to go to Chesterton Windmill or another location if anyone can take a few hours out to join me Friday morning.  Just contact me if you want to book.Details here for booking.

Looking further ahead into January...

There are lots of opportunities coming up in January to join a masterclass covering;

  • Composition

  • Using Filters and bracketing exposures

  • Editing Photos - An introduction to Lightroom

  • Better Portraits

  • Critique Night - Get some professional feedback on your images

  • B&W photography principles

  • Macro Photography

Whatever you are up to in January please make time to get out with your camera and make images that illustrate how wonderful our landscapes is in winter.

See you soon.