Intermediates Photo Exhibition

Intermediates Photo Exhibition
Alan Ranger Photography(44)

7 Portfolios of work from local photographers

The Intermediates Photography Course is for those who feel that they have reached a level beyond being able to take a random good shot and now enjoy the art of developing a style and vision that aligns to their passion for a subject matter.

Those that embarked on this 3 month course in Sept were maybe optimistically thinking they could create a project and portfolio of their best 6-15 images to date and that would suffice when it came to presenting that work to the unsuspecting public.  However,those that know me well, will no doubt realise that I would challenge, push and stretch each individual to attain a higher standard and a clearer sense of intention.

I am delighted, but more importantly, proud to say that with just less than a month to go before our opening night exhibition that the students enrolled on the intermediate photography course have done me proud beyond expectation.  

Each artist has grown tremendously in the last 3 months, not because I believe I have gifted them some secret insight, but simply because the concentrated focus, deadline of a project and will to produce consistent work of high quality has motivated them to work creatively and above all else work with a sense of purpose and direction.

It's not possible to go into the in's and out's of their work and journey over the last few months - it has been different for all of them and for different reasons.  

I would prefer you to come and see this for yourself and talk to them about the journey, ideas, inspiration and final output at the exhibition's opening night on Monday 15th Dec at 7pm at the Arts Trail - Livery Street, Leamington Spa, CV32 4PN

There will be 7 students exhibiting for 3 weeks - Mon 15th Dec to Jan 4th.  

Each person's work is unique and demonstrates the wide range of interests and styles that are available to photographers - by way of a brief introduction the following is just a glimpse into some wonderful work that will be displayed in the exhibition:

Chris Shaw - Reflections

chris shaw

Chris' portfolio is a superb presentation of reflections in the landscape.  They conjure up a deep sense of tranquility and peace whilst also providing an amazing visual display of light and contrasts that inspire and entice your imagination to explore and create your own dreams.

Jo Bestwick - Purple

jo bestwick

Jo's portfolio is based on the colour purple - it's inspired by the poem by Jenny Joseph

When I am old I shall wear purple…

Jo's passion for purple is reflected in a great portfolio of images that include still life, meadows and people all showing how purple can balance and create its own mood.

Joyce James - Heart Warming

joyce james

Joyce's portfolio is a stunning collection of natural UK treasures.  From Lakes and gushing rivers to deer and valleys drowned in light from the Peak and Lake District.

Joyce has created a panel of images that warm the heart and show us the beauty of the UK.

Louise Panayides - Stan

louise panayides

Louise chose to take on documentary photography depicting the environment and way of life of Stan, an 82 year old farmer in Worcestershire who has lived in the farm house since 3yrs old.

This diverse collection of images gives us a rare and special glimpse into Stan - the images are authentic, revealing and a truthful portrayal of someone with great character and a life of experience that is engraved into his face and smile.

Paul Stobbs - Scapes

paul stobbs

Paul's portfolio is a beautiful collection of english land and seascapes.  Paul has created this portfolio of images by rising early to witness the first light and spotting the often overlooked to freeze a moment in time which is evocative and stirs the soul.

Rebecca Bloor - Newborns

rebecca bloor

Rebecca's portfolio of newborns shows the special connection and deep bond of the human body and mind.  Rebecca captures those special moments between the close bonds of the human race and the beauty of the human body using natural light and finished in monochrome to create different moods, tones and texture to the images.

Tim Starkey - Autumn Transformation

tim starkey

tim starkey

Tim's abstract portfolio captures translucency and intensity created by light passing through or reflecting onto foliage or vegetation, revealing what would normally be microscopic detail within labyrinth like natural architectural cells, veins and arteries.  His abstract images are powerful and visually stimulating reminders that we often overlook the evolution and transformation of life-forms around us and miss the moments when light transforms them into subjects of pure ecstasy.