Intentions Photography Exhibition - Feb 2018

Intentions Photography Exhibition - Feb 2018
Alan Ranger Photography(44)

Intentions Photography Exhibition - Leamington Spa

Four local photographers completed the "Intermediates Photography Course" this month and are about to showcase the photographic project they undertook, at a high street gallery exhibition in Royal Leamington Spa.

You're Invited

VIP Opening Night - Fri 23rd Feb

You and a guest are invited to the VIP Opening Night on Fri 23rd Feb, 6:30pm-9pm at Slate Art Gallery, Leamington Spa. 

This private viewing is an excellent chance to meet the photographers and have a chat about their project and the journey they travelled to end up with a portfolio of prints in an exhibition.  Enjoy looking at the collections from each photographer with a glass of wine and nibbles at hand.

You do not need to RSVP, just turn up on the night, you are more than welcome.  If you are definitely attending and want to let us know, you can confirm on the Facebook Event Page.  


All four photographers have participated in some tuition events before embarking on the Intermediates Course.  The intermediates course runs over, approximately, a six month period with a mixture of fortnightly and monthly classes to evaluate progress, provide input and discuss image selection and editing.  The primary objective of the course is to produce a collection of images that speak to the reason and personal execution of a photograph and subject rather than the mechanics of making it.

Each photographer chooses a subject matter that they feel some connection to and then embarks on a project to produce a coherent panel of images.  The quantity is not set, but we do spend time discussing the merits and quality of each photo and how it fits into the overall collection.

Also, the photographers are then responsible for editing, producing test prints on various papers and media and deciding on their final selections and sizes/framing/pricing to appear in the exhibition at the end of the course.  Therefore these collections are a "soup to nuts" course with an idea at inception, the taking and editing of images and then finally printing, exhibiting and selling the photos.

The Collections and Artists

Chris Parker - Seashells

Cerith - Chris Parker

My aim was to create a display of photographs that reveal the colours, shapes and, often hidden, intricacies of the many shells beneath our feet, often without giving them a second glance.





Paul Kirby - Start Point

Sea Rock - Paul Kirby

This project is centred on a small coastal area of South Devon in the vicinity of Start Point and the village of Hallsands.
It has been inspired by regular holidays and visits to the area throughout the past 50 years, and the more immediate local campaign to save the second village of Hallsands from being sacrificed to the sea.

Kirsten Pearce - Changes

Transformation - Kirsten Pearce

During this project which developed from a love of the coastline, I have had the challenge of looking at water differently. Inspired by both the patterns of nature and science and the rhythms of music, I have tried to represent moving water in a variety of abstract ways. My intention is to create a panel of work to represent both the ever-changing, flowing water and the human journey of learning new skills and making life changes.

Matthew Battison - Emotive Architecture

Grand Central - Matthew Battison

Large cities have a buzz and identity to them which makes everyone unique. Today’s modern cities are undergoing a transition as they aim to shake off their previous industrial roots and look to become modern, financial centers whilst attempting to maintain some of their heritage.
Architecture has a massive presence in our lives, if you aren’t in architecture you’re surrounded by it on a day to day basis. All architecture, from your local train station to the skyscrapers in city's makes us feel something.

Exhibition Dates

Exhibition Opening Times

The exhibition runs for three weeks from 23rd Feb to 16th Mar

I am sure you will not be disappointed when you visit these collections.  None of the photographers does this for a living professionally, or even aspire to earn money from their pursuit.  All of them do photography for the love of the medium and ability to express their interpretations of subjects.  Most importantly they enjoy what they do, this passion and dedication to making compelling images is what this course is about but also why the majority of people I encounter and teach, choose photography as their hobby, pursuit and means of documenting their lives and views.

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