Image Review And Feedback Service

Image Review And Feedback Service
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Benefits Of Image Review And Feedback

When it comes to your photography ventures, practising is the best way to improve. Whether you photograph landscapes, seascapes or portraits, each time you practise your photography it is going to help improve your skills.

Even if you have a good eye for photography, at times it may be difficult to pick out aspects of your photos that you need to improve on. If you take photos blindly without knowing where your weaker points are, you’ll find it quite difficult to improve.

This is where I can help! I have an image review and feedback service where in one hourly blocks, I can offer verbal or written feedback on your images. I’ll be able to examine your photos and give you constructive criticism on where you can improve your photography skills.

This is a great service to have when you book a place on one of my photography workshops as I can offer advice during the workshop, then see how you've transferred this knowledge into your practical work. Taking along a photography pocket guide can also be useful, reminding you of the tips that’ll help you produce stunning photos!

Technical Feedback

This September I'm running a Photography Critique Masterclass as well as another Masterclass in October. I’ll talk you through the merits of each of your photos and offer you support on how you can improve next time you shoot or improve what you have already taken with some further editing. Every good photographer has had to go through the same process of seeing where their weaknesses are; it’s a natural part of improving their photography skills!

Composition Feedback

If you’re continuing with your practice, why not enter my Summer Photography competition? Anyone and everyone can enter their photos into this competition and if you win, you’ll receive photography tuition from me! Good luck, and remember to have fun with your photography ventures!