Image Processing & Re-touching - Lightroom

Image Processing & Re-touching - Lightroom
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Image Processing & Re-touching

Most photos need some post processing.  If you shoot in JPG format then it might just be a simple matter of straightening, cropping or enhancing some aspect of the image.  If you shoot in RAW format then your image is unprocessed in camera and therefore needs your creative touch before publishing. This is common practice amongst photographers and is something anyone can do.

Getting the shot right in camera should be your mantra - no matter how good you are with software tools there is no substitute for trying to get as much right as possible in the camera when making the shot.  Making images always involves many variables and therefore many compromises - however this doesn't mean you should adopt a "nearly good enough"  approach to your photography and believe that you can just "fix" it in post production.

My pocket photography guide #02 Ten Tips To Make A Photograph is a great thing to have with you on a shoot to remind you of the steps and a workflow to ensure you perfect as much as possible in camera.

Perfect Your Shots

Sometimes the lighting conditions during a shoot just aren't suitable for what we’re aiming for.  We have the option to change our intention based on the many variables and lighting situation we are working with.  It's more a case of changing your perspective to suit the variables rather than working against them or thinking you can transform it afterwards in software.

RAW image straight from camera

Process image using Adobe Lightroom

Editing software is a great asset to any photographer and has always been part of the photographic process whether film or digital.  Your photos can be edited to suit your taste, style and intention whether that's an authentic interpretation of a subject or something more obscure, imaginative or emotive.   If you want to learn how to edit, process and put an effective and simple workflow in place for photo editing then the Lightroom Course is the perfect course for you.

Create New Photos All Together

With editing software, you could even add filters or effects to give your images a whole new feel. Removing and adding features allows you to be as creative as you want to be, allowing general photos to become works of art.  This is something that can be great fun and the shot below is an example of this that I did in the early stages of my photographic journey.  It's not something I tend to do these days but the process of doing it taught me a lot of skills in using Lightroom.

RAW Image from camera

Processed image

If you want your shots edited and processed but don’t have the confidence, skills or software to do so, I can provide an image processing and re-touching service for you.   If you want the assurance that the printed version will match your screen then you will need your monitor calibrated so the colours and tones match.

Photography is a series of steps - if you want to improve your final image then its essential to improve on each stage of the photographic making process.

See - understand and improve your eye to spot great photographic opportunities - learn a new visual language.  Masterclasses

Design - understand and improve your composition, ability to convey your narrative, emotional impact and create a balanced image.

Shoot - understand and use the camera exposure settings to create the contrasts and effects you want in your image. Beginners Course.

Enhance - understand how to improve and refine your image from the camera using simple and powerful editing tools.  Lightroom Course

Remember that photography is like life, you need the negatives to develop so capture great images in camera, learn how to skilfully process them and CAPTURE LIFE...CREATE A JOURNEY