Holiday Photography Tips

Holiday Photography Tips
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Holiday Photography Tips

It’s that time of year where we’re all off to take a well-deserved break either with family, friends or that special someone. What we all do at some point during our travels is document the outing with a plethora of photos that we have to sift through when we get home.

So how can you make your photos special so you don’t have to sieve through hundreds when you get back? Take a look at my tips and get excited for your holiday!

Be clear about the subject

It’s easy enough to haphazardly take photos everywhere you go but you should really think about what you’re trying to achieve before you start shooting.

Think about the most important elements to the image, people, buildings, events, emotions, weather, culture and so on.....  Frame the most important aspect and subject and try to avoid putting to much in one image - remember you can take 4 shots rather than cramming 4 things into one shot!

Top Tip – Remember the rule of thirds and you’ll at least think about dividing the frame into proportions:   It could be two thirds sky if its a wonderful sunset or two thirds a person if your trying to capture an expression or emotion and create a more intimate view of the subject.

iPhone image

Experiment with angles and height - whether it's your mobile phone or a wide angle focal length on your digital camera, a different perspective will show a fresh and more creative image.

Capture The Scenery

One of my favourite activities on holiday is just exploring the new place.  City, rural countryside or beside the sea all offer a rich variety of shots that are not always obvious.  My tip if you can, is to take time out alone without the pressure of others waiting for you to just explore and observe patterns, shapes, colours, textures and the things that rarely get noticed let alone photographed.

Sand patterns left by the outgoing tide

If you want to get better at photographing landscapes when you’re on holiday, check out my pocket guide to better landscapes so you’ll have handy tips with you wherever you go!

Be Ready!

Always have your camera at the ready! There are going to be moments where a perfect photo can only be taken in a short space of time. Subjects in the sand are highly susceptible to this as with one strong gust of wind or a soft brush of a wave; the opportunity to take a photo could be stolen from you.

So are you excited to get taking wonderful photos on holiday? Wherever you go, you can always take amazing shots for you to reminisce on and show your friends when you get home. 

Or if you think you need some help with photography, join me on any of my photography workshops. This’ll be great for getting out during the warmer months and you can improve your photography skills at the same time!

Remember your sun cream, get out there and most importantly, have fun!