Hire a Professional

Hire a Professional
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The temptation to cut costs by hiring an amateur photographer can be difficult to resist, but here are five reasons why spending a little extra is worth it:

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If you know someone or work for a business that may require some professional photos for marketing, websites or other promotional requirements I would really appreciate your referral.

5 reasons to avoid asking an amateur to take your photographs

1. A professional photographer will work according to your specific brief. Their attention will be focused purely on the job at hand; they will not be distracted by the event or other people.

2. In order to compose photos of the highest standard, it’s vital to take into account a fine balance between lighting, composition and camerawork. An amateur will not have the ability to interweave each component.

3. Amateur photographers have not spent hours honing their craft. They do not have the instinct to capture the spectacular moments, or possess the understanding of the complexities of camerawork.

4. Consistency is a key trait for a photographer; professionals know how to regularly produce images of the highest quality, while the output from an amateur is likely to be sporadic.

5. The process of making a captivating photograph does not begin and end with the clicking of the shutter. A professional photographer will work from the planning stage, through the event, into post-production and on to delivery of the final pictures.

There are a many reasons why you might need photographs, but there is only one way to guarantee quality pictures: hire a professional.

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