Help-Portrait UK Coventry Event

Help-Portrait UK Coventry Event
Alan Ranger Photography(44)

Help someone in need with a smile and a portrait

Help-Portrait is a global movement of photographers, hairstylists and makeup artists using their time, tools and expertise to give back to those in need.

Help-Portrait is about GIVING the pictures, not taking them. These portraits aren’t for a portfolio, website, or sale. It’s about giving people who otherwise couldn’t afford photography, a chance to capture a moment, a memory…and a whole lot more.

This is your chance to give to someone in need, a portrait, a smile and your friendship.

We are organising an event for Help Portrait Day - 2nd Dec 2017.

You can support in the following ways:

1. Please share this on social media and encourage others to do the same.
2. Organise an event in your own area
3. Come and support our event if you are local and able to
4. Make donation to Just Giving for Crisis who we are working with.

Full details and info about Help-Portrait (including a short video) are available on the link .