Having Intention

Having Intention
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Those that who have attended my beginners' photography course, Lightroom course, location workshops will know how much I bang on about having a clear intention and purpose for making a photograph.

I am currently 1/3 of the way through the Intermediates course with a group of students who are taking the ultimate challenge of producing a body of work with a single intention in mind.  The portfolios that they are producing will be tested against their artist statement of intention.

In addition the portfolio will need to have consistency in style and processing.  Yep a challenge, but one that will teach those attending a lot of the skills required to become better photographers.

My students have 3 months to build their portfolio, with my input, guidance on techniques, processing and critiques to ensure the work is of high standard and matches the intention.

Last weekend I ran a workshop in the Lake District with a great group of people.  Whilst on one location I took the opportunity to make 10 images with a single strand of creative intention.

The sea surrounding our island creates abstract like sculptures and leaves intricate patterns on our shoreline on a hourly and daily basis

These images reflect the ever-changing shapes and patterns - each time creating a brand new canvass and mood.

They demonstrate the beauty of contrasting light and textures and the emergence of a shoreline that spends time underwater through to periods of being exposed for us all to see and enjoy.

The light, reflections and mixture of movement frozen in time or extended beyond the capacity of the human eye all combine to create a place that is felt more than seen.

These images reflect my interpretation of all those elements to share moments of awe, moments of contemplation, moments of peace and moments of a special connection to our shoreline.

The purpose was clear, could i make 10 images that work together as a panel in an hour.  I am certainly not promoting speed photography - far from it, it's not a race or competition and I always encourage my students take more time to see rather than become snap happy.

However I hope that the panel does demonstrate that if you work creatively with clear intention about the what, why and how then it's possible (albeit when you have the experience) to create something with consistency, coherence and purpose.

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Whether you are shooting for fun or towards something more it's keeping a clear intention and head that enables you to produce more consistency.

Please take a look at the huge range of workshops and courses to learn how to develop your eye for shots, camera operation to get it right in camera and post production skills to edit your photos with sensitivity and consistency.