Free Gifts with Photography Mentoring

Free Gifts with Photography Mentoring
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Sign up for 6 months of on-line photography mentoring with Alan before 15th April 2015 and receive a free gift of your choice worth £25

 Choose from:

  • 4 x Photography Made Easy Pocket Guides

  • 1 x Camera Sensor Clean

  • 1 x Monitor/Laptop Colour Calibration

About Mentoring:

The on-line photography mentoring programme is perfect for any level of photographer wishing to develop their eye and camera skills.  Those who are on this programme show tangible improvements in their images when mentored over a period of time.

You don’t need to attend a class or shoot a specific subject – the monthly assignments cater for a wide choice of subject and individual style.  Alan works with you on an individual basis teaching you at your level and supporting you to take the next step in improvement.  You also benefit from seeing how others have interpreted the assignment and the images they make with the (optional) inclusion of results in the monthly blog post.

How it works:

Each month Alan issues a monthly assignment which includes, tips, examples and suggestions for the topic/genre.

You will have a month to go and practise and produce images for the assignment – then pick your best 3 (or 3 you want critiqued/reviewed) Alan will provide personal feedback by telephone or in writing to you.

The assignments set do not require you to have specialist or expensive equipment and allow for all camera types and levels of photographer.  The assignments cover a broad range of topics, styles, techniques and genres of photography over time so you will have the opportunity to broaden your range of skills on subjects you may not normally shoot.

The offer and next steps:

  • Sign up for 6 months of mentoring by 15th April to qualify for your free gift worth £25

  • Pay for 6 months in one go - £120 or on a monthly subscription £20 per month.

  • As soon as payment is made you will be enrolled on the programme and be issued your first assignment around the 15th of the month.

  • To enrol please contact Alan directly or sign up on-line here:

More about the free gifts:

Photography Made Easy Pocket Guides – these A7 sized laminated guides are the perfect companion for mentoring.  Packed with quick tips and reminders from a professional you will have the next best thing to Alan in photography bag with you at all times.

Camera Sensor Clean – Ever noticed those dust spots in your photos?  Dust on the sensor is unavoidable so having your sensor cleaned professionally on a regular basis is the only way to remove these annoying spots and protect and preserve your sensor for longer.

Monitor/Laptop Colour Calibration – Wondered why the colour in your photos looks different on your monitor, camera and when printing?  Your laptop/computer monitor needs to be calibrated to accurately show you the colour of your image – without this you could be adjusting things in post-production unnecessarily and with unpredictable results when others view your images.

Don’t delay – take advantage of this great offer for personalised tuition and start seeing big improvements in your composition, camera craft and range of topics to shoot. 

Sign up by 15th April and claim your free gift worth £25

Contact Alan:    T: 0781-701-7994