Focus Your Prints

Focus Your Prints
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Focus Your Prints

Are you thinking of getting your photos printed either to decorate the home or simply to place in a photo album? Well before you do anything you should put some thought into what you want to photograph.

Whether these are personal photos or scenic landscapes, due care and attention should be put into your all-important shots. So here’s how you can focus your photography for printing!

Make Them Personal

A great thing about a photograph is that it can capture emotions and memories in a split second of time; yet you can hold onto those moments for years to come. For some people, the most precious prints they have are of family; seeing cherished ones grow and develop into the people they've become today. For others it may be capturing that first day at school or the last day of university. With our lives being so diverse and full of activity, we’re all going to be able to create original and memorable photos.

But it’s not just the exciting and fast paced times we can record in photography; the calm and what we would call routine moments of our lives are just as worthy to be captured by a camera. Perhaps utilising those relaxing moments with spring photography or finding interesting plants whilst gardening, portraying life in photos and can brighten your home or portfolio.

Canvas block

Don’t feel as though you’re limited to photographing people though! Landscapes or those secret spots special to you can make marvellous decorations in the home. Looking both beautiful to everyone else yet meaning something personal to you; you can get really creative and involved with your surroundings.

With our lives being so busy it’s not always easy to start taking photos and it’s just as difficult if we don’t have the right equipment. So if you’d rather use photos taken by a professional, I can provide prints in a variety of sizes with a plethora of images to choose from.

Printing your own images can be an expensive process as you do many test prints trying to match print colour and brightness to your screen.  If you want to ensure your printed images match the screen version then you will need to invest in time and money to calibrate both screen and printer and each paper type with a unique colour profile.  Alternately you can easily upload your image to a professional print lab on-line these days.  I use OneVision Imaging for many prints - they are competitive, quick and the quality is also good.  They also provide you with a choice of fine art papers, mounts and framing options as well book printing, mugs and other products you can have images printed onto.

 If you do manage to capture something beautiful this spring, you could enter my Spring Time Photography Competition and you may win some amazing prizes!

Good luck and have fun taking photos to print and brighten your lives with!

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