Five interesting careers in photography

Five interesting careers in photography
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Five interesting careers in photography

Many people might think that once you’re a photographer, it will be difficult to focus your skills to one particular industry, which in some cases is true. However, what people fail to see is that there is so much you can do once you’ve acquired the skills needed to pursue your dream job in photography.

I’ve used my expert knowledge to compile a list of the Top Five Interesting Careers in Photography:

1.   Wildlife/landscape photography

This area is a personal favourite of mine, such as: capturing the beauty of nature either by focusing on the first sunrise of the New Year, to the amazing moment a butterfly emerges from its chrysalis. Nature, in both its gentle and destructive ways, can provide more than enough inspiration for producing awe-inspiring pieces of art.

With nature being so diverse, you can always discover new elements and put your own twist on how you see the world. There is more than just one perception of our planet and we can all agree: it’s a beautiful theme for photography.

2.    Astrophotography

This is more of a specialised form of photography and an amazing area of work. Instead of photographing what we see in our everyday lives, you’ll be examining the unknown as you delve into the dark expanses of space. Stars, planets, clusters, the entire cosmos is at your disposal.

With so many people focusing on what we have close to home, why don’t you see what the rest of the universe has to offer?

3.    Underwater photography

If you’re not interested in what exists on land or in space, there’s only one more place left for you to discover: the ocean.

There’s so much we don’t know about what lives in the depths of the ocean.  Some of the world’s most bizarre creatures can be found so deep that not all of them have been discovered yet. Maybe you could be the first person to photograph the elusive FujiKo-Dak fish found in the waters of Japan and America.

There are endless possibilities when it comes to underwater photography with marine life being just as diverse as life on land.

4.   Fashion photographer

Photographers are a key presence in promoting new lines of fashion; drawing the readers’ eyes to bright, beautiful and dazzling items. There’s such a high demand for photographers to work with professionals such as designers, cosmetic manufacturers and magazines; they are needed in order to show the reader just how brilliant their products are.

As a fashion photographer, it’ll be your job to make the models look as beautiful as possible. After all, the quality of your photos will ultimately determine how the general public react to the products.

5.   Special Events Photographer

This is one of the most basic careers in photography but often one of the most rewarding.

At weddings, christenings or any form of family gathering, there will invariably be someone with a camera, frantically trying not to miss the best shots of the day. If you’re a people person, you could be perfectly suited to a career taking photos of the most important moments of peoples’ lives.

Being a special events photographer means you’ll share in the happiness of hundreds of people each year and if you’re good enough, you may see certain families again and again, showing loyalty to your impeccable service.

There are so many different career paths to take within photography, but what’s important is that you pick the right one for you. Don’t be afraid to dabble in different areas of photography; you’ll probably find you enjoy more than one.

Which of these career paths is most appealing to you? Let me know in the comments below – I’d love to find out how you’ll be expanding on your key photography skills.

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