Finding a Photography Mentor

Finding a Photography Mentor
Alan Ranger Photography(44)

The importance of finding a photography mentor

Finding a mentor that suits your style and personality is a great way to help you to develop your skills as a photographer, whether you’re into landscapes, black and white or macro.


The right person will be able to use their own experiences to shape and inspire you, with a full understanding of your individual strengths and weaknesses. They’ll show you how to improve, by providing honest and constructive feedback.


Choosing to work in a creative industry often means you will be regularly challenged. The pressure to continually produce quality and diverse content can take its toll unless you have adequate support. Even if photography is just your hobby, like learning to play a musical instrument or driving a car, everyone needs the support of a good tutor.


The influence of poetry and music has become a vital part of my own work, with certain musical artists helping me to channel my perception of the world beyond the ordinary.

However, no matter how great your mentor is, the most important thing to remember is that you must be willing to work hard and focus on a shared goal.


I like to mentor my students in a simple, clear manner; my aim is to inspire each person to discover individual instincts, during classroom and location based workshops or courses. Students are not only instructed in the use of a camera, they are taught to question the popular myths and preconceptions of photography.


I’ve been teaching beginners and intermediate students for over 3 years; I never tire of the immense personal pleasure it gives me to pass on my knowledge and experience to help others, regardless of their genre of interest or type of camera.

Training courses and workshops are aimed at any level of photographer; they are designed to deliver personalised tuition, according to individual needs.

The monthly mentoring programme is an on-line course so you won't need to travel to a classroom or specific location to hone your understanding and skills.  Instead Alan will set you a monthly photographic assignment, packed with tips, examples and instructions on how to approach each topic.  You will have a month to go and create your own photos based on your interpretation of the subject and then share that personally with Alan and receive his comment, feedback and critique on your technical and creative results.

The monthly mentoring scheme is open and suitable to any level of photographer and camera - the assignments do not require specialist equipment or advanced skills - each person's submission of work is treated with respect and confidentially.

If you would like to find out more about my training programmes and how I can help you on your photographic journey, contact me at: or please call me on my mobile:  07817 017 994. I look forward to hearing from you.