Exposure Triangle Made Easy

Exposure Triangle Made Easy
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The exposure triangle is simply the name for the 3 settings used to give exposure to a photograph.  Exposure simply means collecting the correct quantity of light so that the photo is not to dark (under-exposed) or to light (over-exposed)

Test exposure settings to see the effects on the photo

Test exposure settings to see the effects on the photo

Exposure is determined by these 3 variables for each photo you take.

  1. shutter speed - controls the length of time to collect the correct quantity of light

  2. aperture - controls the depth of field or focus through the opening in the lens

  3. ISO - controls the amount of grain or digital noise on the photo

When teaching beginners photography courses I have found that it has been helpful to demonstrate these 3 settings with something visual rather than just a technical explanation.

The following 3 online apps are great for demonstrating how exposure works and how each one of the variables above can affect the resulting photograph.  I hope you enjoy these apps and they help clarify things for you.

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Canon outside of Auto

SKguitar - exposure triangle

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