B&W Mentoring Assignment

B&W Mentoring Assignment
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“The most colourful thing in the world is black and white, it contains all colours and at the same time excludes all.” – Vikrmn

This month's online photography mentoring assignment was B&W images.  Most people have a love for mono images - maybe its the nostalgic element that increases the emotional impact on the viewer or the psychological reaction that gives the subject a timeless quality. Whatever the cause there is something special about black and white images that are photographed and converted well.

My own reasoning is that is removes the distraction of colour from an image and therefore leaves the naked elements that add to any good photograph - in fact it would be fair to say, in my opinion, that if you can consistently produce good B&W images using all the visual ingredients then you will become a better photographer whether colour or mono.

Having to rely on tone, texture, shape, form and the various other tenets of good composition becomes even more essential when making a mono photograph - the absence of colour leaves only a range of tones between black and white so the contrasts and other visual elements become more dominant in the frame.   The students on the mentoring programme all did well on this assignment and learned a great deal about the art of mono images in their attempts to put the theory into practise.

The selection below are just some of the examples of work submitted this month.

Jacki Rosin

Mike Ford

Caroline Gee

Jean Dance

Steve Chilton

Mike Smith

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