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Bring Art Into The Home

Bring Art Into The Home
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Photography Prints – Bring Art Into The Home

One of the "shames" of digital photography is that photographs don't seem to be printed so often these days - To a degree that's understandable as I too have a box in the attic that is full of old photographs of family and holidays.  However, I do encourage my students to display their work and share it for enjoyment.  Anyone who has attended my 3hr introductory beginner's photography class will know that I set you a little target.

In the next 3 months, pick your favourite photo that you have taken in that period, have it printed, mounted and framed and hang it somewhere in your house.  It will be a testament to how much you have learnt, improved and a lovely way to share and enjoy your art.  If you get an image printed to a standard size and purchase a standard frame you can replace the image every 3 months with your next creation and have your own ongoing art exhibition in your own home.

If you want a professional looking print and mount/frame then I recommend One Vision for quality, price, service and a great range of options for frames/finishes and media.  Their online portal makes it easy to upload your image and select how to print it and pick size and finish.

Be creative when displaying

Don’t just hang your photos on a wall when it comes to decorating. Thinking about the theme of your rooms will help you decide which images to display and how to go about displaying them. Have some fun with it and think about all the different ways you can display them to enhance the beauty of the shots as well as the room they’ll be placed in.

If your home is fairly modern, black and white shots will work well, bringing a contemporary edge to an already stylish and fresh room. Impress your guests as they gaze at images shot in black and white, showing the emotion thought only possible through images of vibrant colour.


Or maybe you’re looking for something more fun and exciting to intrigue the vibrant minds of younger generations? Macro shots that show a completely different perspective on everyday subjects or photos full of colour will surely capture everyone’s imaginations.

Autumn leaf abstract

You could even experiment with the way you display photos in your home. One classic way to display your favourite shots is to attach them to a line that spreads across a wall. A casual yet charming way to decorate your home with your most cherished moments that you can even change and alter as your portfolio grows. This is a great incentive to getting kids into photography as it channels their creative skills with both taking the photographs and displaying them.

Maybe you want to stick to the traditional framed images that hang on the wall? Don’t just scatter them without thought though! Just because you’re using an age old method, it doesn't mean you can’t be creative with it. Make shapes out of your photos, decorate the frames to make them more original or even mix it up a bit and include unframed decorations around them.

Whatever you choose to do, using photos to decorate the home will always be a fun and creative way to put your own personal flair on your home. Whether these are shots you’ve taken yourself or ones your buy from photographers, you can easily change the feel of any room with the right images.

If you do feel like purchasing professional quality photos to display in your very own home, check out my photography fine art images store where you can choose from a wide variety of my works.

Try it out for yourself and have fun being creative with photography’s endless possibilities!