Better Portraits Class

Better Portraits Class
Alan Ranger Photography(44)

Last Saturday (12th August) I ran a 1 day Better Portraits Workshop in Coventry at Lightbox Studios.

Five clients attended; John Cummings, Harriet Bowley, Steve Parish, Janet Train and Tim Payne. Most of them have been to my classes or workshops before so know me well enough to expect me to challenge them to go beyond just camera settings.  Obviously, they were not disappointed in my usual hard push to think about what they wanted to achieve with a portrait photo beyond getting it sharp!

I have used the two models, Sophie Williams and Louise Warner Snell, on my previous workshop in June this year. So, likewise they knew what to expect from me and the clients too.

Both clients and models worked really hard over a 4hr period and despite all their fears and tribulations with settings, ideas for creativity and execution in short 5min bursts with each model in a new scenario, I think everyone did a really excellent job.  

I always remind clients that the idea of doing photography tuition is not to expect to create a masterpiece whilst doing the tuition but to learn as much as you can from the experience to take away and put into practise each and everytime you pick up the camera to make a shot. Likewise, I am sure Louise and Sophie learn from each modelling session they attend to get experience and expertise in how to execute consistently and professionally.

Below is a sample of shots I quickly picked from what had been transferred to my laptop during the workshop for review sessions during the workshop.  I am sure there are better to come once my clients work through their memory cards and do some editing so these really are just a random sample that I picked and applied some quick enhancements to, to give you a flavour of the workshop and images.

If you are interested in attending a Better Portraits Workshop, please get in touch and I'll let you know of possible dates and answer any questions you may have.

Thanks again to Lucie Johnson for hosting us at Lightbox Studios - Coventry ( Get in touch with her if you want to hire the studio for a portrait shoot).  Thanks to Sophie and Louise for being such great models and working so hard for afternoon and putting up with us,  and of course last but not least, thanks to my clients for accepting with my challenging remarks but participating and getting stuck in and having a go.

All images are taken by;

John Cummings, Harriet Bowley, Steve Parish, Janet Train and Tim Payne

PS - no studio lighting or flash involved - just natural sunlight :)

Click on the images to see them in Lightbox.

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