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I post blogs on a weekly basis covering photography tips and related news as well as photos made by my clients (read client feedback) on my photography workshops and photography courses.

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Become a member of an exclusive community

The new Facebook Photography Forum has been up and running for a month now and is already proving to be a great resource among its members.

Membership - benefits.

  • A single, dedicated place to post "considered images" for feedback from Alan ranger and other forum users.
  • The forum is a community designed to encourage the sharing of knowledge and helpful tips.
  • This network of like-minded individuals can host "own" events and then post the images taken at these events on the forum for feedback.
  • It's a safe and private environment of trusted people.
  • Exclusive membership by invitation and only for customers (past and present) of Alan Ranger Photography
  • Alan Ranger will run exclusive "forum" only events that will not be offered to any other participants.

Forum Activities

Although only a month old the forum has already started organising, sharing and is active in the following activities:

  • Monthly Photo Theme/Assignment
  • Free Members Meetups – Join other photographers on location and shoot together, sharing ideas, knowledge and of course friendship
  • Post your photos for constructive feedback and suggestions
  • Members led free tuition on specific techniques and topics of interest.
  • Camera equipment advice and recommendations from those using the equipment
  • Buy and sell camera gear through the forum
  • Post processing and photo editing ideas and suggestions
  • The forum is made up of a complete cross section of ability and knowledge from complete beginner learning the basics to more advanced photographers so everyone is welcome and supported at whatever level they are at.


There is an annual fee of £30.00 to participate in this exclusive network.

To confirm your subscription follow this link and pay on-line:

Once you have paid go to the forum page and click on the join button located at the top of the page in the banner strip and you will then be approved as a member so you can start to use it as a valuable resource.