Back to School Photography

Back to School Photography
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Back to School Photography

With the school summer holidays almost at an end, this is the ideal time to take advantage of your own time again and hone your photography skills.

I provide numerous options for photography enthusiasts, from beginners to the more experienced to improve skills and creativity. 

Here is more information on the services I provide, so you can make the best decision for your needs.  You can see a full list of photography tuition services here.

Pocket Guides

photography guides

My photography pocket guides are designed to provide insightful information at your fingertips whenever and wherever you need it. They are beneficial as they rest easily inside your camera bag, taking up minimal space.

These quick reference z-cards unfold to reveal my top tips, insights and reminders covering multiple topics from taking better portraits to photo composition.

These laminated, water resistant cards are available for £5 and are a convenient way to receive advice on the go.

Photo Walks

Photo Walks

The photo walks are an informal workshop in which you are welcome to bring along friends (free of charge) and improve your skills together. Every one of every skill set can attend, no specialist equipment is needed and it is only £10.

The aim of these photo walks is to open your mind to the many challenges that photographers face and realise that beautiful surroundings for your photos are just a stones throw away in your local area.

On our journey through the countryside, I will be leading the walk and will be on hand to provide advice along the way.

This is an ideal activity for those of you who enjoy hands on learning and discovering new experiences with others.



The 3 hour masterclasses are taught in Solihull, Kenilworth and Coventry and are suitable for any level of photographer. These classes are aimed to give you personal support and guidance focusing specifically on your personal photographic style.

There are a wide range of topics that I cover from learning the art of landscape to enhancing your filtering skills. All courses include exercises, supporting notes and light refreshments.

Online Support- Blogs & Mentoring


If you’re more suited to instant information, my blogging area will be of most use to you.

Once there you’ll find a whole host of helpful advice on topics ranging from photography tips such as image processing and retouching to shooting in low light, all for no cost.

With the wealth of information on offer, I am sure that you will find tips and guidance that is of value to you.

Alternatively, my online mentoring programme may prove to be more useful for your individual needs.

The programme is suitable for any level of photographer and gives you the opportunity to work at your own pace and approach the work as you see fit.

You will be given assignments to tackle and will receive support and feedback aimed to improve your skills.

Evening Class Courses

Photography Evening Classes

I have a varied range of evening class photography courses - based in Coventry, Kenilworth and Solihull.

The photography courses all run during the week from 7pm to 10pm.

All photography lessons come with a course book and a structured approach in modules to help you learn and make the most of classroom time.

You can enrol a course for:

Field Based Workshops

Photography Workshops

If you are one those who really learns faster by doing rather than listening in a class then the field based photography workshops are an ideal way to turn theory into practise and help everything sink in with on the spot results and understanding.

Durations vary from 2.5hrs to whole weekends away on a residential event.  You don't have to have specialist equipment or knowledge to attend as everyone is taught according to their needs and on an individual basis so don't feel you will be out of your depth.  People from all walks of life with different camera's learning requirements and levels of photographer attend these and they are always great fun and friendly too.

Pick n Mix Photography Tuition Packages

Pick N Mix Packages

Most people are on some budget constraint. That's one reason why I introduced the Pick N Mix Photography Packages 2 years ago.

These packages not only allow you to spread the cost of tuition over 12 monthly instalments, with no restriction placed on when you take the events, but they mean we can work together to decide on the right blend of theoretical courses and practical tuition to ensure you get something that suits your goals, learning style and budget.

So whatever your level, ambition, learning style, budget and time frame I can provide you with the best tuition to take to your next stage of photography - don't delay - contact me now for a free no obligation chat about what might suit you best.  0781 701 7994   E:

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