Autumn Splendour - Batsford Workshops 2019

Autumn Splendour - Batsford Workshops 2019
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Autumn Splendour:

Batsford Photography Workshops and Classes
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New Season:

Friday 22nd Sep is the first day of Autumn and represents the start of a new season. Sep-Dec marks the change of suns position into the northern hemisphere.  With this change we will see the daylight time get shorter and the greens of our English Spring and Summer turn to wonderful rich colours of yellow, orange and red - warm days turn quickly into cold nights and misty mornings, and the low angle of the sun produces softer light and long shadows.

There aren't many better times of the year than this to get out with your camera to make a photo that encapsulates what YOU feel about this dramatic change in your environment.  Whether it's the colour and vibrancy of autumn leaves, close-ups of fungi, or dying flora, this season provides so much opportunity.

I have a complete range of courses, workshops and tuition to suit all tastes and interests for the Autumn Season, from macro to landscapes to fireworks or portraits. So don't be put off by cooler weather - get out enjoy all of the Autumn delights.

Remember I am also running a whole series of practical workshops at Batsford throughout October and into November so that you can join me in experiencing the best of opportunities to realise some great shots, you can even enter your shots in the Batsford Calendar Photo Contest and win some free tuition!

Autumn Workshops at Batsford: 

Suitable for any level of photographer

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I am running a whole series of Autumn workshops at Batsford in October.


Batsford Arboretum is a 55-acre arboretum and botanical garden near Batsford in Gloucestershire, about 1½ miles north-west of Moreton-in-Marsh.  GL56 9AD

Essentials for all photography workshops

  • Suitable for any camera (Compact, Bridge and DSLR)

  • Suitable for any level - complete beginner to advanced photographers

  • Receive 1-2-1 tuition and support throughout the workshop

  • Hands-on practical advice on camera settings and composition of images

  • No specialist equipment required

  • 1 Day - Enjoy double the time for half the price

  • Exclusive access prior to public opening hours for morning workshops

    • Half Day morning workshops are 8am to 11.30 am

    • Half Day afternoon workshops are 12:30pm to 4:00pm

    • One Day workshops are 8am to 4:00pm

    • Max 6 Participants per workshop

Date From To Duration Event Name

  • Tue-22-Oct 08:00 16:00 4hr or 8hr Autumn Workshops

  • Wed-23-Oct 08:00 16:00 4hr or 8hr Autumn Workshops

  • Thu-24-Oct 08:00 16:00 4hr or 8hr Autumn Workshops

  • Fri-25-Oct 08:00 16:00 4hr or 8hr Autumn Workshops

  • Sat-26-Oct 08:00 16:00 4hr or 8hr Autumn Workshops

  • Sun-27-Oct 08:00 16:00 4hr or 8hr Autumn Workshops

  • Mon-28-Oct 08:00 16:00 4hr or 8hr Autumn Workshops

  • Tue-29-Oct 08:00 16:00 4hr or 8hr Autumn Workshops

  • Wed-30-Oct 08:00 16:00 4hr or 8hr Autumn Workshops

  • Thu-31-Oct 08:00 16:00 4hr or 8hr Autumn Workshops

Workshop Content

  • A brief introduction for 20-30 min and lesson on basic camera settings, techniques and the things to look for

  • A 3hr guided walk around the best seasonal part of Batsford Arboretum to make images with Alan's support and input.

  • Alan will guide you on;

    • Camera Settings

    • Exposure & Colour Settings

    • Composition and Framing

    • Abstract, Close-Up, Macro, Vista and any type of shot you want to create.

  • Image review and feedback throughout the workshop.

  • If you book a full 1 day workshop then we will break around midday and have a 30-60 min lunch break before continuing in a different part of the Arboretum in the afternoon.

The Arboretum has a great cafe and facilities but you can also bring your own packed lunch if preferred.

Fitness level Required - Easy

This trip is rated as easy, meaning that most people with average health/fitness can comfortably deal with the short walks and occasional steps or gradients involved and be comfortable on their feet for the duration of the workshop event.

Equipment for this workshop

 You will be provided with a complete list of suggested equipment upon booking.   The following is a summary of recommended items but it's not all essential:

  • Any type of camera

  • Spare battery

  • Tripod ( I have some for hire (£20 for day or £10 for half day) if you don't own one yet) but let me know in advance so I know how many to bring. Alternately this is my recommended tripod for beginners at c£150

  • No specialist lenses required, we can make use of whatever you have. Any lens or lenses covering wide angle (15-24mm) to mid and long telephoto (24-200mm) plus a macro lens is ideal to cover all opportunities.

  • Remote cable release, useful but not essential as you can use cameras self-timer

  • A circular polariser filter is useful for removing highlights, wet surfaces and reflections but not essential (remember to order the diameter size that fits your main lens)

  • NDs and Grads are not really required for the type of photography we do, but if you want to bring them I’m happy to assist with their use

  • A kneeling mat, or dustbin liner is useful when doing low down shots

  • A large polythene bag (sandwich bag) is useful for wrapping around the camera/lens if light rain

  • A micro cloth for absorbing any drizzle/rain from equipment

  • Waterproof shoes or boots and warm clothing - hat, scarf and gloves if weather forecast is below 12 degrees.

  • Flask of tea/coffee and snacks to keep you energised

Details and booking here

You do not need any special equipment for these practical workshops, just your camera and any lenses you have.  Tripods can be useful but are not essential.  We will be covering a broad range of subjects and styles, so there is something for everyone to enjoy and learn. *Price includes entry to the arboretum.

Please feel free to email or call me to check availability or ask any questions you may have about the workshop event.

Batsford Colour

Batsford Colour