Autumn Splendour - Batsford Workshops

Autumn Splendour - Batsford Workshops
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Autumn Splendour:

New Season:

Friday 22nd Sep is the first day of Autumn and represents the start of a new season. Sep-Dec marks the change of suns position into the northern hemisphere.  With this change we will see the daylight time get shorter and the greens of our English Spring and Summer turn to wonderful rich colours of yellow, orange and red - warm days turn quickly into cold nights and misty mornings, and the low angle of the sun produces softer light and long shadows.

There aren't many better times of the year than this to get out with your camera to make a photo that encapsulates what YOU feel about this dramatic change in your environment.  Whether it's the colour and vibrancy of autumn leaves, close-ups of fungi, or dying flora, this season provides so much opportunity.

I have a complete range of courses, workshops and tuition to suit all tastes and interests for the Autumn Season, from macro to landscapes to fireworks or portraits. So don't be put off by cooler weather - get out enjoy all of the Autumn delights.

Remember I am also running a whole series of practical workshops at Batsford throughout October and into November so that you can join me in experiencing the best of opportunities to realise some great shots, you can even enter your shots in the Batsford Calendar Photo Contest and win some free tuition!

Autumn Workshops at Batsford: 

Suitable for any level of photographer

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I am running a whole series of Autumn workshops at Batsford in October. There are two options - 1/2 day - start at 8 am or 1 pm  or 1 day start at 8 am and finish at 5 pm.  The 1/2 day workshops are on offer until 30th Sep so take advantage by booking today.

  • Tue 24th Oct - AM & PM
  • Wed 25th Oct - AM & PM  
  • Thu 26th Oct- AM & PM
  • Fri 27th Oct- AM & PM
  • Sat 28th Oct - AM & PM
  • Sun 29th Oct - AM & PM
  • Mon 30th Oct- AM & PM
  • Tue 31st Oct - AM & PM
  • Wed 1st Nov - AM & PM
  • Thu 2nd Nov - AM & PM
  • Fri 3rd Nov - AM & PM

Details and booking here

You do not need any special equipment for these practical workshops, just your camera and any lenses you have.  Tripods can be useful but are not essential.  We will be covering a broad range of subjects and styles, so there is something for everyone to enjoy and learn. *Price includes entry to the arboretum.

Please feel free to email or call me to check availability or ask any questions you may have about the workshop event.

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