Autumn Leaves - Contest Results

Autumn Leaves - Contest Results
Alan Ranger Photography(44)

A big thank you to all of you who entered the monthly themed contest for Oct/Nov - Autumn Leaves.

There were 63 valid entries from 28 entrants. I did receive another 20 entries/4 unknown participants but the filename(s) were not correctly renamed so they couldn’t be identified or were duplicate copies . Check the Entries Panel to see if yours was included or not. If you don’t see your image it means you did not upload, rename your filename or the entry form was not completed - sorry for your troubles.

I appreciate a number of people have struggled with the submission process and tell me that the form doesn’t always work as expected. I have tested it multiple times my end with no issues. I believe that those who had difficulty were using a MAC or mobile device. This, in theory, shouldn’t be an issue but I am unable to troubleshoot as don’t use a MAC and I know other MAC users have uploaded successfully too. All I can suggest is that you try from a Windows PC and Chrome browser as I know this works for the majority of people. I’ll continue to investigate the cause of the random errors but changing to an alternative method would actually be more complicated.

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Tip - ensure you select three images when Adding Files to the form and wait for the progress bars to complete uploading (showing file size) before submitting the form as illustrated:

New Theme for the Month of November is

Sunrise/Sunsets - Details here: Closing Date 15th December 23:00

Sunrise and sunset photos have always been very popular subjects to photograph. Whether it’s the colours, clouds, light that attracts so much gaze, awe and appreciation or that special connection that we all feel stood there witnessing the changing light as one day ends and another starts. I’d like to see your sunrise and sunset photos. They do not need to be glorious technicolour, though they can be, the light, mood and setting can equally portray that special connection to blue and golden hours.

Competition Entries - Autumn Leaves

Entries - Autumn Leaves

Entries - Autumn Leaves

Entries - Autumn Leaves

Entries - Autumn Leaves

Entries - Autumn Leaves

Entries - Autumn Leaves


Would all awarded entrants email or phone me for details on how to claim their prize.

All awarded images have been added to the client gallery.

Winner - Dennis Jeffrey

Well observed and composed image depicting autumn leaves floating with the reflection of the bare tree reflecting. The colour contrast of reflected blue and bronze, golden yellow leaves give this an ethereal quality that draws the viewer’s eyes and imagination into the image. Well done Dennis. Dennis wins a £50 gift voucher.

Dennis Jeffrey - Winner - Autumn Leaves

Runner Up - Robert Hull

A single golden leaf, lit in the sun and caught in the decaying plant becoming a temporary home to spiders emcompasses many aspects of the autumn season in one shot. The careful focusing and use of depth of field really helps isolate and convey the photographers visual awareness. Well done Robert. Robert wins a £30 voucher.

Robert Hull - Runner-up - Autumn Leaves

Third Place - Jackie Rosin

A beautifully lit and sensitive execution of of autumn leaf colours. The simplicity and brilliant use of space and flow makes this a stand-out composition aided by the control of exposure to create contrast. Well done Jackie. Jackie wins a £20 voucher.

Jackie Rosin - Third Place - Autumn Leaves

Highly Commended x 3

Well done all. Each Highly Commended wins a free annual membership of the Alan Ranger Facebook Forum. Just email me to find out how to be added.

Rachel Hands - Highly Commended

Lovely collection of autumn litter and tight composition to treat the viewer to details and textures.

Rachel Hands - Highly Commended - Autumn Leaves

Elaine O’Leary - Highly Commended

A graceful still-life autumn leaf shot handled with low key lighting.

Elaine O’Leary - Highly Commended - Autumn Leaves

Diana Richards- Highly Commended

A frame full of golden yellows and vertical trunks. Good use of a single colour and filling the frame.

Diana Richards - Highly Commended - Autumn Leaves