Abstraction - Mentoring Assignment

Abstraction - Mentoring Assignment
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June's mentoring assignment was on "abstract" or to put it another way abstracting something out of context so that the subject matter is not easily recognisable at first glance.  This style relies heavily on the ability to look at lines, colours, shapes, patterns, light, contrasts and getting the right focus and depth of field to create something that draws the eye and holds your attention.

Yep, a tough challenge but one I am pleased to say produced some great shots and interesting interpretations of abstract.  Thanks to all those that submitted work for review and feedback - as always your efforts and work are appreciated and seem to be helping you all develop your photography skills.

If you are interested in joining in the monthly photographic assignments please sign up to the photography mentoring programme.  You can start and stop whenever you want and at just £20 for a month it's a great way to develop your photography skills with my support and input without having to attend a class or location to receive instruction and advice.


Student images from this months assignment. Please feel welcome to add any comments to the post. Thanks

Louise Panayides


Jacki Rosin

Loraine Bryan

Mike Ford

Ian Crowson

Howard Allen

Amanda Fisher

Kirsten Pearce

Chris Parker