A Journey - An idea

A Journey - An idea
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For quite some time now, possibly years even, I have had an idea/introspective thought that I should write more.  Personally I don't think I have that much to say that would be of great interest to anyone other than those close to me - experiences in life are of course unique but holistically speaking not so much different from anyone else's.   I am not educated so I can't claim to be an expert in any specialism or even write particularly well if a formal qualification is the pre-requisite for credibility.  

Despite my obvious shortcomings I feel my journey has taught me many things and created the path I have chosen today.  This series of posts, that I am committing myself to is not my life story or any attempt to sermonise my beliefs, attitudes and perspective on others.  I am committing to this because I feel it's overdue and will hopefully allow me to explain the mind of a creative trapped for decades but, now,  finally being handed time to reflect and share some of the things that have brought me to this point - a spirit that is free again - a soul that is enriched by the natural beauty of the world and the kindness and compassion of the human spirit.

These are the elements that fuel my passion for many things in life that are expressed through my images - I don't always manage the pairing of heart and soul with subject and scene - simple and easy are not the same thing, indeed the simplest things in life are denied to millions around the planet.   

I hope that by sharing my thoughts and journey with you in this series you may resonate with some aspects and also find your own way to express who you are and how you see and feel about the things you photograph.