A date with Abigail

A date with Abigail
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Despite the awful and at times "life threatening" weather forecasts from the Met Office for Cumbria at the weekend, the 3 day photography workshop went ahead as planned, uninterrupted in the main.

Everyone enjoyed it and got home safely though we did have to make an early departure on the Sunday due to the extensive flooding on the roads and at times the route back out of the lakes was thwarted with torrents of water running across roads, causing us to divert several times round to reach the M6.  Rather than loose all the shooting time on the Sunday we decided to go to Cannock Chase on our way back south - a good decision given what turned out to be a slow and long journey back.

On the Friday we started at Manesty Woods nr. Keswick and Derwent Water - The canopy of trees provided us some shelter from the hail stone storms and sudden deluges of wind and rain that seemed to just arrive without warning then leave just as quickly giving some sporadic moments of sunshine and all forms of light.

Manesty Woods

Looking onto Derwent Water and another wet front approaching

Friday evening - We all thought a good chunk of Saturday could be written off for shooting and I had planned to some tuition talks at the guest house instead if things got to bad.  We did the sunrise shoot but the lakeside location was very restricted with practically no shoreline to stand on - the weather was thick in cloud and moisture so visibility was pretty poor too.  Following breakfast a decision was made to go out and try and make the best of what we had so again opting for the cover of woodlands  as well as lakeside opportunities we headed to Crummock Water and managed to get a good 4hrs of mostly dry conditions.

After a welcome lunch break we walked through to Buttermere and had a couple of hours of shooting around the shoreline and waterfall.  This tree at Buttermere must be one of the most photographed trees in the UK.  Believe it or not I have never actually wanted to take a shot of it - maybe because it has been done so many times, maybe I just don't feel the connection to it that others seem too - and I think this lack of connection shows in the first and only shot I have ever taken of it after 10 years of photographing in the Lakes.  Whereas Woodland Shimmer I did instantly take a liking to though I am not happy with the processing yet so expect a revised version at some point...

Buttermere Tree

Woodland Shimmer

Shooting in wet and windy conditions of course has its challenges but if you go out with a positive attitude rather than feeling demotivated by conditions then there are some lovely more subtle tones that can make the most of that dim light and heavy skies.

I run four workshops a year in the Lake District - Feb, Apr, Sep and Nov - if you want to come along to explore, be challenged, have fun and work on improving your composition and eye for framing a shot then book yourself on one my workshops there or any of the other great locations that I lead workshops on around the UK.

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