50mm - Mentoring Assignment

50mm - Mentoring Assignment
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50mm - Mentoring Assignment

Working with one lens is challenging enough to many people but working with focal length is even tougher.  Last month's mentoring assignment was to get participants working harder on composition without using that zoom ring on the lens.

It's to easy and we all to often get lazy and just zoom in and out with our lens from wherever our feet land - last months assignment was designed to get mentored students to restrain from such practises and work their compositions and camera craft by having to physically move closer or away from their subjects.  50mm is a good match to how the human eye sees the world (45 degree angle of view)

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Subject were down to participants but as always, learning and executing the camera settings to make the image are still important and this is not simply a case of point and shoot using a fixed focal length.  Mentoring students are being taught and reminded about the key components of image making.  Subject/Narrative/Light and when receiving feedback on their submitted images I always try to feedback where I think the image can be improved just as much as how well they executed technically and to the brief.

Below are a selection of where I felt the participants got a range of these aspects into the final image to make it say something more than this is a snap of something.

If you want to join in the fun and challenge yourself to new techniques, subjects and get feedback then why not sign up to the on-line mentoring programme now.

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