5 Photographs That Influenced The World

5 Photographs That Influenced The World

Photographs are the canvases of time and serve as endless memories to a lifetime of unforgettable journeys.

It is almost impossible to narrow down the world’s most influential photographs into a selection of only five; there are hundreds of images that have changed the way that we look at our world throughout history.  I could have easily selected a different 5 or even 10 that are my favourites or have had a significant impact on world opinion and the course of history.  Think of the atomic bomb on Hiroshima or the lone student protester in Tiananmen Square to name just two!

However, without making this blog into a depressing account of man's destruction and record of oppression I wanted to keep it a little more lighthearted.

Earth rise

Earth rise

This was the first photograph that had ever been taken of planet earth outside of our atmosphere.

Earth rise was taken from Apollo 8, the first manned spacecraft to leave Earth’s orbit, reach the Earth's Moon, orbit it and return safely to Earth in 1968 and was taken by William Anders.

Lunch atop of a skyscraper

Lunch atop of a skyscraper

‘Lunch atop a Skyscraper’ was taken 69 floors above the Manhattan skyline. The dizzying image shows workers during the development of the Rockafella Center taking their lunch break.

Although the photograph shows real construction workers, there are numerous claims that the moment was staged by the Rockefeller Center to promote its new skyscraper. Either way, it looks terrifying.

The Beatles - Abbey Road

The Beatles - Abbey Road

The break-up of the Beatles became almost as much of a legend as the band itself.

Abbey Road was the final album that The Beatles recorded before their ultimate breakup in 1970, which rocked fans across the world.

The cover featured a shot of the four men crossing the road almost in lock-step, except for Paul McCartney. This shot of the musicians off-balance stride spurred the worldwide urban legend that he was already dead.

On August 14th 1945 World War II came to an end and celebrations erupted across streets around the world.

One photographer captured the unique celebration of one young sailor, who ran towards the masses and locked lips with a beautiful unknowing nurse.



When America’s sweet heart, Marilyn Monroe, stepped onto this New York subway grate, even she could not know the impact that this photograph would have across the world.

The image was taken during Sam Shaw’s film ‘The Seven Year Itch’ and immortalised the iconic actress, capturing her beauty and spirit for decades.

It’s important for us to remember all of the photographs that have changed history throughout the ages, and to draw inspiration from them in everything that we do.

“The best images are the ones that retain their strength and impact over the years, regardless of the number of times they are viewed.” - Anne Geddes

Pictures are the expression of the photographer; they reflect perception and individuality, portraying a journey through life.

This can be enhanced by imagination, camerawork and post production. A single strand of creative intention is frozen as a moment in time, to enjoy and share.

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