2019 - Workshops Have Started

2019 - Workshops Have Started
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Firstly, for those I haven’t messaged or spoke to; Happy New Year to you. I hope that 2019 is a great photographic year for you but more importantly one that brings you good health and happiness.

The first weekend of 2019 started with a sunrise landscape workshop at Brandon Marsh Nature Reserve, Coventry.  Despite my hope hope for frost, ice or fog the opportunity to photograph with clients of skill levels wasn’t to be missed.  The first weekend of a year is often harder to attract clients, following a busy and costly December period, however I was grateful for the two clients who joined me for a local workshop at the nearby nature reserve.

Creating great images is never guaranteed on any workshop.  What is guaranteed is my input, at what level you are as a photographer, to learn something more about how your camera operates and improving your eye to construct a composition from what you see, sense and visualise.


I always try to capture something that conveys the “why” based on light, atmosphere and the visual experience and connection one feels with the location.  None of the former can be guaranteed, it relies on many factors and the ability to focus and balance the fight between intellect, emotion and circumstance.  Photography workshops (location visits) are as much about adapting to what is obvious verses discovering what is beyond the obvious. Sometimes I succeed in this and sometime I knowingly fail.

Today’s photographic workshop was no exception and whilst the weather wasn’t wet or unbearable, we didn’t have magical light, exceptionally cold  temperatures or even much colour in the sky. Photo workshops are as much about adapting to the now, and where you are, to maximise the opportunities to learn and develop your eye as they are about meeting other photographers or going home with that killer shot.  

Of course, some post processing can conjure up a more romantic, idealist version of your literal senses.

“The photographer projects himself into everything he sees, identifying himself in everything in order to know it and to feel it better.”  Minor White

We all seek to create something aesthetically beautiful, maybe, even also technically perfect.  Creating something from nothing, is having an awareness, open mind and story to tell that reflects your relationship in that moment to your subject.  A fallen leaf is as big, and important, as the Grand Canyon - everything is connected. The more you photograph the more you realise what can and can’t be photographed and therefore you just keep doing it to learn and expand your knowledge and eye.

It’s not just about visiting stunning locations on landscape photography workshops or workshop tours with certain individuals and organisations to photograph sunrise and sunset.  Artistry comes from the hard miles you put in week in and week out that result in you having the awareness and visual insight to recognise, design a shot and output a creation based on all your senses.

“The bells and stones have voices but, unless they are struck, they will not sound.” - Chuang - TZU

This is why I have created a diverse range of workshops for outdoor and landscape photographers, evening classes and courses on all aspects of the photographic process so that anyone and everyone can enjoy, improve, succeed and realise the potential that every person has to record and create images that convey their own journey and life experiences.

First Weekend of 2019

A few images taken on the first weekend of 2019 and my thinking behind each image.



Brandon Marsh has some great reed beds full of interesting textures and contrasts to admire and frame.

This one caught my eye for the Z shape below the two Sizzling sausages

Vertical Chaos

I love trying to make sense of chaos in the woods.  So many verticals, diagonals and little windows into an area beyond....

Vertical Chaos

Woodland Walkway

Another woodland path but this time manufactured with timber structures and a lovely twist and turn through the vegetation

Woodland Walkway

Woodland Highlights

It's hard to walk in the woods without not finding a path to photograph.  This one spoke to me because of the ferns drawing me through the wooded pass

Woodland Highlights


It's nearly impossible to visit Brandon marsh, with a camera, and not be stalked by the Robins there.   This one is tagged for some reason and was happy to sit a few inches away from me for a long period so i obliged with a portrait



An amazing insight into the search for water and the gorgeous symmetry of these roots from a tree delving down to moisture.


Thistle Spikes

There is something magical in decaying plants, their form, structure and contrast continues to inspire me

Thistle Spikes


I liked the contrast in colour of the red against the white and soft focus creating a network of archeries and natural roads for insects.


So what’s coming up for the next three months of 2019

Basically Lots!  You can join any photography workshop whatever skill level you are currently at with confidence that I will help you improve, learn and take a step forwards towards the next level.


Outdoor Photography Workshops run weekly in locations across the UK at weekends and within the West Midlands and Warwickshire throughout weekdays.  

They range from 2.5hrs at local (West Midlands and Warwickshire) to residential weekends away in some stunning landscape locations across the UK.

Check out the new Woodland Photowalks taking place on the first Tuesday of the month or the theory and practical classes taking place at Batsford Arboretum every month.

For a full list of photography workshops check this link:

Courses (evening classes)

Evening classes and course all run from 18:45/19:00 to 21:00/21:15 and cover everything from camera settings, exposure, composition, editing photos, using filters, creative composition, B&W, Portrait, Macro, Abstract, Landscape and Still Life/Product photography as well as gaining  a photographic accreditation with the RPS or working a photographic project and exhibiting and selling your photos.

For a full list of photography classes check this link

Tuition Payment Plans

I offer a payment plan for anyone who wants to commit for photography tuition and training with my personal input.  The payments are spread over 12 months, interest free, and you can choose whatever combination of classes, workshops and one to one private photography lessons suit your availability and needs.  What’s more, you get a discount off the normal price.

I call these Pick n Mix Photography Tuition Plans as they allow you the flexibility to pay in a monthly, quarterly or annual amount of money and then pick any photography tuition event or service as you require.  You don’t have to select the events up front, just sign up for a regular standing order and then book tuition as and when you need it.

Full details and payment options can be seen on this link

Let’s Talk

I am always happy to discuss your requirements, answer your questions and provide advice on all photography matters so if you want to chat about anything then please feel free to call, email me or schedule a 20 min call in diaries

I hope to meet, speak and work with you all soon