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I post blogs on a weekly basis covering photography tips and related news as well as photos made by my clients (read client feedback) on my photography workshops and photography courses.

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100 Tips - Landscape - #09 Repetition

100 Tips for Landscape Photography #09

“Landscape photography is the supreme test of the photographer, and often the supreme disappointment.” – Ansel Adams 

In this series of weekly blog posts I will share my top 10 tips broken down into 10 stages for better landscape shots. This will reveal my top 100 tips for landscape photography.  

If you can't wait the 10 weeks to read them all, or would prefer to have them in pocket handbook to refer to when in the field then you can purchase the Photography Made Easy Pocket Handbook for Landscape photography. 

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#9 Repetition

Return to the same spots

  1. Shoot throughout the seasons.
  2. Shoot at different times of day.
  3. Shoot in different weather.
  4. Shoot in different positions.
  5. Shoot with different a lens.
  6. Shoot in different styles – macro, abstract, vista, mono…
  7. Shoot with different intentions and moods
  8. Shoot with an open mind & fresh approach every time.
  9. Give yourself a project to photograph the same place every month.
  10. Find a local location & own it – make it yours.

Returning to the same location time and time again will really improve your eye and techniques.  The familiarisation of the subject will enable past mistakes to be avoided but also challenge you to look for new and fresh ways to photograph at the location each time.