100 Tips - Landscape - #06 Variation

100 Tips - Landscape - #06 Variation
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“Landscape photography is the supreme test of the photographer, and often the supreme disappointment.” – Ansel Adams

In this series of weekly blog posts I will share my top 10 tips broken down into 10 stages for better landscape shots. This will reveal my top 100 tips for landscape photography.  

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#06 Variation

Experiment and be patient

1.          Use filters to improve the exposure and dynamic range.

2.         Experiment with aspect ratio – landscape/portrait and 16:9/3:2/4:3

3.         Point of View – change your position to change angles & perspective.

4.         Look for potential changes in weather and light.

5.         Shooting on the edge of a storm are often the best conditions.

6.         Change lens’ and focal lengths to vary perspective.

7.         Don’t just shoot the big vista, look for smaller scenes & shots.

8.         Be prepared to be disappointed – sometimes the light just doesn’t work.

9.         When one exposure isn’t enough – focus stack using the lens sweet spot.

10.       Stay put – the best images come from being patient & ready.

It’s natural to think once you have nailed a shot you need to move onto another.  However I have learnt through experience and patience that the best shot often materialises when I have remained in the same spot and waited for the right light and conditions to emerge.


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