100 Tips - Landscape - #05 Validation

100 Tips - Landscape - #05 Validation
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“Landscape photography is the supreme test of the photographer, and often the supreme disappointment.” – Ansel Adams

In this series of weekly blog posts I will share my top 10 tips broken down into 10 stages for better landscape shots. This will reveal my top 100 tips for landscape photography.  

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#05 Validation

Evaluate and check again

Review your shot and check for:

  1. Wonky horizons

  2. Empty or fussy foregrounds

  3. Intruders on edges of the frame

  4. Poor composition – no narrative and intention

  5. Too much in the scene – not simplifying the picture

  6. Blown out or dull sky

  7. Image sharpness and depth of field

  8. Clipped shadows or blown highlights - histogram

  9. Overuse or wrong position of graduated neutral density filters

  10. Flat or dull light

You can't fix all these things at home – so get it right in camera!


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