10 Tips – To Better Composition

10 Tips – To Better Composition
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Top 10 Tips – To Better Composition Sneak Peek

When entering the world of photography we may be guilty of taking shots here, there and everywhere, just hoping we might stumble across that perfect shot. There’s more thought and care that needs to go into creating the perfect photo though.

So to help you out, here’s a sneak peek at my tips to better composition for amazing photographs!

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Shooting From Where Your Feet Land

Don’t think you have to take a photo from the spot you first decide on or of the first subject you decide you want to take a photograph of.  It would be a miracle if you found the perfect conditions and subject on your first try!

Try out different things and experiment with your camera such as;

  • Changing angles, height, point of view and perspective

  • Looking at light & shadows, seeing how you can use these to separate objects in your frame so they don’t blend together.

Experimentation and having fun with photography is the best way to improving your composition skills! If you still need a bit of help with choosing your first ever photography location, check out my top 5 locations for beginner photography!

Including Too Much In The Frame

It’s easy to get excited when taking up a new photography venture in a new environment. Just don’t get carried away with what you’re trying to capture. When there’s so many wonderful areas to explore in photography, we can try and get too much in one shot.

Try and remember the following when selecting what to include in the frame;

  • Consider what elements are most important to what you want to portray in your photograph

  • For beginners, remember to keep it simple at first – If you’re struggling, taking up a beginner’s photography course is a great way to get started!

  • The more you include in a photograph, the more complex the image becomes

Start by framing the most important subject first, then add other elements as if they’re ‘props’ to your main subject. Only include what emphasises what you’re trying to portray without it becoming a distraction.

Be Patient – Be Determined

If a shot is worth getting, it’s worth waiting for! It’s important to take your time with photography so you can examine every detail of a shot and see what works best for you.

Like a good meal, photography should be savoured and enjoyed so take your time with it;

  • Absorb your surroundings

  • Note the changing light and elements around you

  • Even if the conditions aren’t ideal, try and find new angles to your shots to suit the current environment

Enjoy the experience whether you prefer to be on your own, 1-on-1 with a tutor or in a class of others either in a photography workshop or photography course. Photography can be enjoyed in a multitude of genres so anyone can enjoy it!

These are just three tips that can be utilised during photography to greatly enhance the quality of your shots. I cover 10 tips in total in my pocket guide, Top 10 Tips – To Better Composition. These pocket guides are great to take on the move in case you need that little bit of guidance during your shoots. There’s 10 pocket guides in total, all filled with useful titbits of advice!

Whether you’re a pro or are just starting, keeping composition tips on hand will help you reach the next level in photography!

Once you've got the hang of good composition, you could even enter my Summer Photography Competition! Anyone can enter so no matter what skill level you’re at, you all have a chance of winning!