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Creating audio visuals has been something I have done from the early days of being interested in photography.  

My love and passion for music together with imagery seems to be the perfect mix of being able to express what I feel about the images and the mood they convey.  Some of my courses,  photography classes and photography lessons set the assignment for clients to put their images to music too, this invariably results in inspiring and often emotive creations as you will see from a sample of the client examples posted here.


Create a Journey...Capture life

Create a Journey...Capture life
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With only a couple of months to go before I join some fantastic photographers in the UAE for the International Photography Festival - Xposure, I am starting some preparation for the 13 photography workshops that I will be running whilst there.

  • Get Off Auto 
  • Composition Masterclass
  • DSLR Masterclass
  • Light and Filters Masterclass

I've always enjoyed the process of putting my images to music, and it's one of the assignments I give to my local clients on the 5 week beginner's course I teach in the Midlands, UK.

Picking images is always hard and the music selection can be even harder.  This AV has been put together as a generic introduction for the Get off Auto classes to hopefully inspire attendees to see that using the camera creatively to vary depth of field, frame tightly and in a considered way and experiment with time and movement can produce a wide range of affects and moods in shots.

I hope you enjoy the 4min AV.  I'll be creating and uploading more for the Xposure event over the coming weeks and month.

Images are the expression of the photographer; they reflect perception and individuality, portraying a journey through life.