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Fall and Rise Again

As many of you know I am inspired and use music for many of my creations, both out in the field and back at my desk when processing and polishing.  This latest AV was inspired by two great artists.  Damien Rice has been top of my favourite artists for a decade or so, his passion, artisty, ethics and lyrics always inspire and resonate with me, personally of course.  I can't attribute this AV just to him as a new artist has come to my attention (Taylor Davis)  that shows great spirit so have used her music for this short interpretation.

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Follow Me Home

Devon seascapes There are few places in the UK that provide the drama and excitement that I feel every time I visit Devon. The rugged coastline and dramatic tides give a real mix of tranquillity and danger in the space of minutes - the powerful force of nature is never more evident than along this coastline.

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New York by Andy Darkes
Andy created this great audio visual for his final assignment on the beginners photography course with Alan Ranger Photography. Its a great set of images that show how much Andy learned on the photography course in the first 4 weeks before he went to NY.In his own words he was able to put the theory and tuition into practice to think much more carefully about the shots he was taking in NY. This effort and use of good technique in camera operation and composition shows really well throughout this photographic slideshow of NY.
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A Photographic Journey
This is one of the best AV's I’ve seen from a student attending the 4 week beginners’ photography course - each week the attendees are given an assignment to turn technical theory into practice and creative intention into images that say something more... The last week of the course the students put together shots they have taken, at any time, to music that brings emotion and a connection to the viewer through the images and music chosen.
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creating photographs

This AV is try and give you some useful pointers, considerations and ideas on how you can improve the design and composition of your photographs.  Whilst its not an exhaustive list and certainly is not meant to be a checklist of must haves in every photo, I hope it will give you some ideas, inspiration and suggestions on how you can do more with any camera just by framing and designing your shots with more intention.

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