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checking the weather first ...

A useful website I use for planning my location shoots. It gives much more detailed information than just if it’s raining and temperature, like cloud density and visibility. Use the Options drop down to configure your columns of data

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Latest photos from Alan Ranger

I have created a new online gallery on this site for my latest photos:

Just go to the new page under Artist from the top menu, to see the latest images i have published.

Latest Photos from Alan Ranger


Choosing a Tripod 

Which tripod do you recommend? Those that have asked this know my stock answer is always “depends”! That’s because it really does depend on several factors: check the manfrotto site for configuration advice:

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Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop for £8.78

This isn't news to many but I thought I would post here for those that didn't know that you can now sign up for Adobe's Photoshop Photography Program which means you get the latest and greatest versions of Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop for just £8.78 per month for a year. So what are the catches I hear you ask?

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Magic By Alan Ranger

I published a new Audio Visual today:  available to view on YouTube  here Magic or in the Audio Visuals sections on my website here: Audio Visuals

There is always something amazing about the sky every day and this slideshow of my images hopefully shows some of that magic that i have been lucky enough to witness.